The ‘Star’ among Forts

Tipu Sultan is as famous for the forts he built as he is for standing up against the British. His father Hyder Ali and then Tipu Sultan himself renovated so many forts and built some more that historians quip that in (former) Mysore State every hillock has a fort! At a time when the French…


Unique Experiences in Bikaner

Walk amidst squeamish rats, indulge in camel milk kulfi, stuff yourself with bhujia, learn to identify migratory birds....Read my blog post for the unique experiences Bikaner has to offer for the adventurous traveller.

Hoysala Temples of Haranhalli

While travelling from Hassan to Arsikere, the Hoysala heartland, you will pass through many sleepy villages and many of them contain lesser known marvels of Hoysala Temple Architecture. One such village is Haranhalli which is 35 km from Hassan and just 8 km from Arsikere. It houses not just one but two modestly sized Hoysala Temples.

Humcha’s Jain Heritage

Humcha, a small town in the Hosanagara Taluk of Shimoga District was an important Jain pilgrim centre from the 8th century to the 16th century. It had other names like Pombuchcha and Hombuja. It was also the capital of a minor ruling dynasty, the Santaras. There are many basadis in Humcha and the largest among them is the Panchakuta Basadi built in 1077 by Chattaladevi.

Devalaya Chakravarti – Mahadeva Temple at Itagi

The best specimen of Kalyana Chalukya temple architecture is the Mahadeva Temple at Itagi. Just over an hour’s drive from Hampi, this temple is described as Devalaya Chakravarti in an inscription dated 1112 CE meaning Emperor among Temples. Art historian Henry Cousens described this monument as ‘the finest in Kannada country after Halebidu’.