Ravi Varma’s Forgotten Home at Kilimanoor

Inspired by the European paintings of Roman and Greek mythology, Ravi Varma painted scenes from Indian mythology and classic Sanskrit plays in addition to portraits of his patrons and scenes from everyday life.


Khajuraho of Mewar

I remembered reading about a 10th century temple just 60 km from Udaipur and considering my love for temple architecture, I couldn't stop myself from visiting this place. Read the blog post to know more about the 'Khajuraho of Mewar'

The Kakatiya Temples and Gateways

The images shown at the end of the movie 'Rudhramadevi" of the famous Ramappa Temple, Thousand Pillar Temple and Kakatiya Thorana left me dazed. If it hadn’t been for the movie, I would have remained unaware of the architectural prowess of the Kakatiyas and like any other tourist would have spent my trip to Hyderabad roaming around the Film City.