The Ultimate Luxury Experience

Move over Michelin star restaurants and star hotels, I have finally found my ultimate luxury experience and it is priceless. Read the post to know what it is and maybe it will help you find yours.


My Danish Christmas

''No one should be alone on Christmas!'' my colleague Pernille declared when I told her that I wasn't going home for Christmas. She spoke to her family and a couple of days later invited me to her mother's place for Christmas. And I ended up discovering the true meaning of Christmas.

An Experience of a Lifetime

The Asian Science Camp is held ever year in a different country. In India students in the second year of the under-graduation are eligible to apply. If you are interested in a research career in any of the Basic Sciences, this is a great opportunity. 

It Happens Only In Summer!

Summer is here and brings with it a variety of delights. The fruits are one of the best delights The fruits which were once loyal to summer are nowadays available even in winter with the help of science and technology, but the joy of eating them in summer is unmatched. Wherever you go, the air…

A December Monologue

December! It’s that time of the year when you’ve completely forgotten about the resolutions you made 11 months ago to not eat cake ever again. It’s the time to buy yourself that pretty looking, uncomfortable red stiletto you will hardly wear.