May Reads

When a friend asked me what I was reading and what the book was about, I was at loss for words. Rephrasing the author Primo Levi's own words in the last chapter of the book The Periodic Table isn't a chemical treatise, it isn't an autobiography but it is somewhat history. The book is divided into…


February Reads

Started February with Dan Brown's latest - Origin. As with other Dan Brown books, I finished Origin in two long reading sessions over the weekend. In typical Dan Brown style religion locks horns with science and the Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon ends up racing around a city in search of a password that has clues…

January Read

Lykke is the Danish word for happiness and in this book, Meik Wiking who is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, Copenhagen (no, seriously), presents what makes specific communities across the world happier than the rest.

December Reads

The Gothenburg Art Museum (Goteborgs Konstmuseum) was at the top of my list when a friend and I decided to spend a weekend in the beautiful culturally rich city. At the museum shop, I came across the Basic Art 2.0 series by Taschen Publications. I picked up three titles (Munch, Klimt and Symbolism) in the series which I finished reading in three days. I can't wait to get my hands on the other titles in the series! 

Second Week Of August

If you've grown up in South India, you've definitely heard her voice. How did a woman from the Devadasi community storm the male bastion of Carnatic Music to become a world wide icon?

Second Week of July

Perumal Murugan's 'Pyre' translated by Aniruddhan Vasudevan is a tragedy from the word go and those of us living in the big cities cushioned from the 'caste politics' need to read this tender love story that is trumped by centuries of hatred. This is an account of the human capability of savagery and is a perfect piece of contemporary writing. 

First Week of July

There's something about a train journey and the close proximity of strangers sharing the journey that stirs in us the urge to bare our souls. Maybe the assumption that we will never meet those people again encourages us to discard the layers inhibition. Ladies Coupe by Anita Nair is about one such train journey that helps the protagonist find answers to the questions tormenting her.

Last Week of June

I read somewhere that Gillian Flynn's 'Gone Girl' has many themes in common with Vera Caspary's 'The Man Who Loved His Life'. Having thoroughly enjoyed reading 'Gone Girl', Vera Caspary's book was on my list for a long time. Read the blog post for the review.