Alluring Arsikere

Away from the congested narrow lanes of Arsikere, on a road leading out of the town is the Ishwara Temple which is perhaps the most complicated of all Hoysala Temples in terms of architecture.


May Reads

When a friend asked me what I was reading and what the book was about, I was at loss for words. Rephrasing the author Primo Levi's own words in the last chapter of the book The Periodic Table isn't a chemical treatise, it isn't an autobiography but it is somewhat history. The book is divided into…

Hoysala Temples at Hosa Budanuru

Just 5 km before Mandya on the busy Bengaluru-Mysore highway is the village of Hosa Budanuru. But what is not visible from the highway are two beautiful Hoysala Temples around which the village grew. The two temples separated by a few hundred metres are dedicated to Ananthapadmanabha, a form of Lord Vishnu in which he…

Saumyakeshava of Nagamangala

Today all that remains of Nagamangala's Hoysala past is the Saumyakeshava temple in the heart of the expanding town. The temple is a large structure in soapstone and granite, built in 12th century AD and renovated by later rulers. It is today a mix of Hoysala, Vijayanagara and post-Vijayanagara features.

Prasanna Someshwara at Magadi

In 1638, Kempegowda III or Mummadi Kempaveerappa Gowda whose grandfather Kempegowda had made Bengaluru the capital of his territories was forced to shift to Magadi by Dilavar Khan of Bijapur. According to local tales, Kempaveerappa’s mother expressed her desire to visit Kashi but her failing health didn’t allow her to do so. Her son then…