Devalaya Chakravarti – Mahadeva Temple at Itagi

The best specimen of Kalyana Chalukya temple architecture is the Mahadeva Temple at Itagi. Just over an hour’s drive from Hampi, this temple is described as Devalaya Chakravarti in an inscription dated 1112 CE meaning Emperor among Temples. Art historian Henry Cousens described this monument as ‘the finest in Kannada country after Halebidu’.


An Afternoon in Aarhus Cathedral

Aarhus cathedral may not be grand and magnificent compared to other Gothic cathedrals across Europe but is worth visiting as it has elements from the different periods of history from 1200 CE onwards and is almost a crash course on the successive religious and art movements that took place in this part of Europe.  Tied closely with the cathedral is also the history of Aarhus and its legacy as a port city of the Vikings.