Avial is a south-indian dish which is basically a variety of vegetables cooked in a coconut based curry. The dish even has a mythological past and one of the Pandavas – Bhima is said to have invented it.

My varied interests – travel, photography, architecture, history, art, culture and food are like the various vegetables and my love for writing is the curry that holds them together as a single entity.

My name is Rijutha and I’m a physics major with interests ranging from astronomy to architecture, through this blog I want to share with you everything that excites me and inspires me.

What’s on your bedside table? (unique section in this blog)┬áis an idea inspired by my Instagram posts. I’ve combined my love for photography, reading and writing. It is like a photo diary along with a short book review.

Season’s Greetings is a section with writings inspired by the festivals or events of that month.

Through my eyes is a photo album of my favourite clicks.

Words to Remember is where I put up a quote that I really liked.