An Experience of a Lifetime

The Asian Science Camp is held ever year in a different country. In India students in the second year of the under-graduation are eligible to apply. If you are interested in a research career in any of the Basic Sciences, this is a great opportunity. 


India’s First Gothic Church

A largely ignored Anglican Church at the Southern tip of Mumbai dedicated to British soldiers who lost their lives in the Anglo-Afghan war is considered as the first Gothic Church in India.

Bewitching Bhangarh

The driver took us through narrow lonely village roads and my uncle suddenly asked us 'What if our driver is a ghost?' he backed it up by saying that the driver brought us to Bhangarh though we had plans of going to Alwar. The lonely roads supported his point.

Second Week Of August

If you've grown up in South India, you've definitely heard her voice. How did a woman from the Devadasi community storm the male bastion of Carnatic Music to become a world wide icon?

Palmyra of the Deccan – Bijapur

The Adil Shahis wanted to transform their capital city to rival the Mughal cities in the North by building imposing courtly structures, gardens, wells, waterways and granaries. Most of the structures have fallen to ruin, some have been converted to government offices and only a handful are open to tourists.

The Forgotten Birthplace of a Saint

Basavanna’s samadhi at Kudala Sangama is a place of great importance to his followers and admirers alike. But largely forgotten is the place where he was born, Basavana Bagewadi which is just 45 km from Bijapur on the Bijapur-Bangalore highway. The main place to visit in Basavana Bagewadi is a Kalyani Chalukya temple built in the 11th century dedicated to Lord Shiva and his vahana (vehicle) Nandi/Basava.