Out of sheer loyalty, I read Sita, Warrior of Mithila which is the second book of the Ram Chandra series by Amish. I had read the first book – Scion of Ikshvaku almost two years back and I barely remembered the plot and the secondary characters so I couldn’t find the continuity in the plot. The book is fast paced but I wasn’t too impressed with the plot.┬áMaybe I should read the first book again and then read this.

There is suspense and drama and intrigue but the ‘lectures’ on philosophy seem like they have been forced into the plot. I felt like skipping those parts. And I am not at all happy with Amish’s halfhearted attempt at giving Sita a more important place than Ram.

Unlike the Shiva Trilogy there aren’t profound thoughts or ideas in this book. Much of the ‘philosophy’ seems repetitive. Of course I am curious to read the next book because I want to know where the plot is heading which means that Amish has not failed completely.



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