Once a stronghold of the Chalukyas of Kalyani, Sudi is now a forgotten town of crumbling stone monuments and ancient step-wells. The biggest and the most awe-inspiring among the forgotten monuments is the Jodu Kalasa Temple (Temple with Twin-Towers) which has two garbha grihas (sanctums) facing each other built on a high platform.

Built in the 11th century by a general named Nagadeva, the temple has been  restored by the Archaeological Survey of India. One of the shrine houses a linga with a unique geometrical base and the other shrine is devoid of an idol.  An open hall connects the two shrines and there is an intact well-carved nandi placed in the centre of this open pillared hall which faces the linga. The towers atop the shrines are done in typical Chalukya style with artistically carved kalashas at the apex.

The jodu kalasa temple perched on a platform

Unfortunately the inscription stone at the temple has been vandalised as the locals are unaware of the importance of the temple and its heritage. Local lads told us that earlier the linga in the garbha griha could be turned like a screw to reveal a secret passageway to Mallikarjuna temple, another temple in Sudi. They also said that during restoration, ASI blocked the passageway.

Sudi is just 30 km from the world famous cave temples of Badami. It is well connected by road from Badami, Gadag and Ron.

Temples nearby – Cave Temple at Gajendragad, Mahadeva Temple at Itagi, Navalinga Temple at Kuknoor

This article was published in Spectrum, Deccan Herald on 16th June, 2015. DH Article


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