‘Askew’ by T J S George is a delightful read about the city I call home – Bangalore. Written in a flowy conversational style peppered with anecdotes and memories, Askew is a story of how Bangalore went askew. I simple loved the narrative and the satire

George writes about the old and the new, the past and the future and more importantly about how the past is shaping the future. He also writes about the two souls of Bangalore – the ‘Pete’ and the Cantonment. My father is from the ‘Cantonment’ part and my mother is from the ‘Pete’ part of Bangalore and I had heard many stories from them on nostalgic afternoons that George has recounted. There were many stories of my city that I read for the first time in this book and was really surprised to know that Bangalore was shaped by liquor and crime! In very few words George has managed to cover almost everything about this city – culture to corruption and history to city planning.

This small piece of non-fiction (just 113 pages) is a must read if you consider Bangalore as home.




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