Last Week of May

In spite of the Kohinoor being a well known diamond, very less is actually known about it. Starting from its association with the syamantaka mani and ending with the various nations claiming it to be theirs, the authors have succinctly presented all that there is to be known about the diamond.


Twin Towers of Sudi

Once a stronghold of the Chalukyas of Kalyani, Sudi is now a forgotten town of crumbling stone monuments and ancient step-wells. The biggest and the most awe-inspiring among the forgotten monuments is the Jodu Kalasa Temple (Temple with Twin-Towers) which has two garbha grihas (sanctums) facing each other built on a high platform.

It Happens Only In Summer!

Summer is here and brings with it a variety of delights. The fruits are one of the best delights The fruits which were once loyal to summer are nowadays available even in winter with the help of science and technology, but the joy of eating them in summer is unmatched. Wherever you go, the air…

Hanagal Beckons

Hanagal was an important bastion even when the Hoysala Dynasty ruled over large chunks of Karnataka. Located on the left bank of the river Dharma, Hanagal has a connection to the Mahabharata also. The kingdom of Virat where the Pandavas spent a year incognito is identified with present day Hanagal. A crumbling fort and a handful of desolate temples from the 8th to the 12th century now dot the once prosperous town.

Second Week of May

Maharanis, The Lives and Times of three Generations of Indian Princesses is a misleading title to a work of non-fiction by Lucy Moore. The princesses are focus points of a larger narrative about the lives of Indian royalty in the century preceding Independence and their lives in Independent India.

First Week of May

'Askew' by T J S George is a delightful read about the city I call home - Bangalore. Written in a flowy conversational style peppered with anecdotes and memories, Askew is a story of how Bangalore went askew. I simple loved the narrative and the satire George writes about the old and the new, the…

Head to Hedathale

The temple at Hedathale is neither well known like the Chamundeshwari Temple near Mysore nor is it magnificent like the Virupaksha Temple at Hampi and maybe that is why it is so special. If you like quiet places filled with tranquillity and rich in architectural value, Hedathale is the place you should visit.

Last Week of April

Indu Sundaresan's latest book, The Mountain of Light, is a fictionalised account of the relatively unknown story of the Koh-i-noor as it passed hands from Shah Shuja (a Persian King in exile) to Ranjit Singh to Queen Victoria. It is also an account of how the British systematically drained Indian States of their wealth.