Deepika Padukone read out a letter written to her by her father when she received the Filmfare award for ‘Best Actress’ in 2016. That letter is a part of a larger compilation of ‘letters from eminent parents to their daughters’  by Sudha Menon. The compilation, titled ‘Legacy’ contains about 18 letters and each letter is preceded by an introduction of the ’eminent parent’. Sudha Menon has chosen people from different fields and varied backgrounds – Narayana Murthy, Sanjeev Kapoor, Chanda Kochhar and Malika Sarabhai to name a few.


A common feature of most of the letters is that the parents recount their worst failure and hardest trial, how they overcame it and what it taught them. This is really inspiring to read. Anecdotes and favourite poems/quotes make the letters interesting to read. Sudha Menon has managed to get the personalities to write personal letters yet for a wider audience, like an open letter. ‘Legacy’ is a book you keep going back to and not a one-time read.



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