One of the oldest bookstores in Bangalore, Higginbothams, reopened last month so I went there with a friend for old times’ sake. While browsing through books and recommending books to each other we came across ‘A Box of Happiness’ by Ruskin Bond. My friend who had come across it before successfully tempted me to buy it.

The ‘box’ has three small books – Happiness, Serenity, Love & Compassion. It contains observations by Ruskin Bond and his favourite authors on these three broad topics. One word that comes to my mind about the three books is ‘beautiful’. The books are bound in hardcover and have a pleasant hue, the calligraphy is minimal yet artistic, and the collection of thoughts kindles your thoughts but in a positive way.

If you have even one shelf of books you should add this ‘box’ to your collection. It is one of those rare books that you will pick up to read on a rainy afternoon or a cold night for comfort.



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