I picked up this book at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai where I did a summer internship. Homi Bhabha laid the foundations of TIFR with the help of Sir Dorabji Tata Trust in 1945. I was amazed by the art collection at TIFR which includes a mammoth mural by M F Hussain. Only later did I come to know that Homi Bhabha was not only a scientist but a painter, art lover, and a classical music aficionado. His vision wasn’t just to set up a world-class research centre but also haven for art and artists.

This book, edited by his brother Jamshed Bhabha (the founder of NCPA, Mumbai), showcases the artistic genius of the man known all over the world as a brilliant scientist. In the introduction, Jamshed Bhabha writes that Homi Bhabha once said that the arts were what made life worth living and that for Homi Bhabha the arts weren’t just for recreation but were a serious pursuit of life just as much as mathematics and physics. The book is almost a biography of Homi Bhabha and has his paintings and sketches as well.  There is a section on his interests in music and literature as well.



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