Bewitching Hoysala Temple at Belavadi

The Vira Narayana Temple is unlike any Hoysala Temple I have seen before. It has a unique design and is fully complete. Visiting this place is like doing a crash course in Hoysala Temple architecture. Even the least interested of the tourists should visit this place.


Panchalingeshwara Temple at Govindanahalli

In the middle of emerald green fields and coconut trees gossiping with the wind is a patch of elevated land with manicured gardens surrounding an interesting temple. Located in Govindanahalli, this interesting piece of architecture is a rare form of Hoysala Temple architecture as it is a panchakuta temple (five shrines) dedicated to Shiva built in the 13th century.

A Hoysala Treasure in Basaralu

While travelling from Mandya to Nagamangala, you will pass through the village of Basaralu and if you don’t look closely enough, you will miss a gem in the crown of Hoysala temple architecture. The Mallikarjuna Temple at Basaralu is a small trikuta (three shrines) temple but it has numerous sculptures of very good quality. It is one of the few temples in which the Hoysala crest of Sala slaying the lion is preserved on top of the nose (sukhanasi).

Second Week of January

This book, edited by his brother Jamshed Bhabha (the founder of NCPA, Mumbai), showcases the artistic genius of the man known all over the world as a brilliant scientist.