Three years ago the composting bug bit me. I prodded my mother to invest in a large kambha (stack composter) so that we could compost our kitchen waste. She was initially apprehensive about how tedious it would be to assort waste and then store it. She thought it would be messy and stinky and unhygienic. Both of us were in for a pleasant surprise during the entire process. There is absolutely no unpleasant odour from the kambha, no mess and no hard work. All it needs is some tender love and care.

Smells so earthy

Exactly a month after starting the cycle we got our first yield of moist earth smelling compost. We couldn’t believe that our kitchen waste was now a nutrient rich useful product. Nature is self-sustaining if we let it be. For three years now we have been continuously getting a good yield of compost which we use for our kitchen garden. The excess compost we share with friends and family who have potted plants or gardens.

My mom sieving the ‘black gold’ harvest

Kept in a corner below a chajja, the kambha actually looks like a garden accessory. My friends and relatives were shocked when I told them that it was actually a composter and the first thing that they remarked was that there was no unpleasant odour which is characteristic of putrefying matter. I have transferred the composting bug to at least 6 families now and I sincerely hope that every household gets bitten by this bug.

The ‘kambha’ composter in a corner below the ‘chajja’

Here are some things you should know…

What is compost? The process of complex organic matter breaking down into simpler elements is called decomposition. This results in a dark, earthy, nutrient rich matter called compost.

Why should you compost my kitchen waste? You can reduce the volume of waste going into landfills and also create nutrient rich material for your plants. 70% of the waste from a household is organic waste, 20% is recyclable and only 10% needs to be thrown away.

How long does it take for the waste to compost? About 1 -2 months provided you take care of the moisture.

This composting story wouldn’t have been a success without the constant guidance and support from Daily Dump. The staff at Daily Dump patiently answered my queries and kept corresponding either through mail or through phone calls.

Read Not a Laughing Matter Anymore to get further convinced about why you should compost your kitchen waste.


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