Small Temple,Big Impact

Purandara Dasa composed this immortal song in the Aprameya Temple Complex at Malur. Malur is a small village on the Bangalore-Mysore Highway, a few kilometres from Chennapatna.


Timeless Thondanur

There are so many places across Karnataka that are related to the two great epics of India – The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. Pandavapura which is now a forgotten little town in Mandya District is one such place.

A December Monologue

December! It’s that time of the year when you’ve completely forgotten about the resolutions you made 11 months ago to not eat cake ever again. It’s the time to buy yourself that pretty looking, uncomfortable red stiletto you will hardly wear.

The Goa No One Told You About

Yes! Yes! I know everyone goes to Goa to laze on the beaches and enjoy the seafood along with copious amounts of Fenny or Beer. But Goa has such a great architectural heritage that you haven’t really experienced Goa till you have wandered inside its awe-inspiring churches, demure convents and intimidating seminaries.

My Composting Story

Three years ago the composting bug bit me. I prodded my mother to invest in a large kambha (stack composter) so that we could compost our kitchen waste. She was initially apprehensive about how tedious it would be to assort waste and then store it. She thought it would be messy and stinky and unhygienic.…