Spotted this book few months back but I was in a rush and I couldn’t pick it up. Finally bought myself a copy last week. This book has everything you need to know about temple architecture in Karnataka. It starts with a brief introduction to the land we call Karnataka today and lists the ruling dynasties and their contribution to the art and architecture. There is a section on the religious developments and on various important inscriptions found at various sites. A major portion is dedicated to the planning, building and architecture of the temples.

The most interesting part is the section on important heritage circuits across the state. It is very helpful for those who love to travel and see the architectural marvels of Karnataka but have no idea how to cover them efficiently on a trip.

‘Karnataka’s Rich Heritage’ by Lalit Chugh is one of those books that you can pick up once in a while and glance through or look up for some particular information. What caught my eye was the fact the author is a physics major with a keen interest in architecture and history, just like me.

If you are interested in understanding what goes into the construction of a temple and what are some of the best examples of temple architecture in Karnataka, do pick up this book.



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